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MALIK YOUSEF CUMBO - May 18 - August 20, 2023

Malik Yousef Cumbo

Life on the Clock

A photography essay on the blue collar worker. The average everyday person that helps the city move. This is us. Even creatives sometimes have to work a day to day labor /workforce gig until the thing that makes them whole starts to work out. For some of us that grind is what we love. But for some of us, we never find that thing that makes us forget that we are working and have to exist in the day to day grind of workforce. Some of us find that zen in the work and find different fulfillment. With the ever emerging technology of AI, the disruption of the labor force will look extremely different within ten years, and maybe even five. Cumbo looks to look closer; to get to know more about some of the subjects. What would a portrait of the people he meets look like? What would they say? This document is a very poignantly important attempt to record what our current system looks like, and the changes that will be brought about within a decade or so. This obviously is volume one of “Life on the Clock”. You have to see the gradual changes that have happened over time.

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