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July 11 | "They're There" | Corner Gallery at CP | Opening Reception


BROOKLYN MADE at City Point | 445 Albee Square W, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Join us for the opening reception of They’re There on July 11th | 6pm - 8pm at our City Point location. Light refreshments will be served.

An investigation into street photography shown by six photographers who work in and around Brooklyn, NY. Some use film cameras, some use digital, some photographers find unique scenes, others make portraits. What they all have in common – there’s no studio, no planning, just being in the moment because they’re there – on the street, in the mix, putting their bodies on the line to make art.

Participating Artists: 
Reuben Radding
Boris Apple
Coco McPherson
Syndi Pilar
Cash Exum
Stas Ginzburg

Curated by Stephanie Keith
In 2023, Stephanie Keith was part of the New York Times team for Breaking News that became a Pulitzer Finalist for covering the deadly Bronx fire. Stephanie Keith started working for the photography news wires in 2015 as a freelance photojournalist in New York City. In 2016, Reuters assigned her to six weeks of the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota. In 2017, The Guardian shortlisted her as one of the top ten wire photographers of the year. In 2019 Reuters, Buzzfeed News and The Atlantic chose her in their photos of the decade lists. Pictures of the Year and the National Press Photographers Association recognized her photos in 2024, 2020 and 2019. Her work has focused on social justice both protests and stories and has worked with many Native American tribes including the Lakota, Navajo, Apache, Quinault and Hupa. This is her first time working as a curator. She lives in Brooklyn in a small wood frame house with her kids, cats and soul refreshing backyard.

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